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Summer Employment Opportunity for Paraprofessionals

Whole Again

Academic Instructor



1. Student Teacher or Teachers Aide


2. Minimum of 3 years of college educational instruction or 4 years classroom experience working with a certified teacher in a classroom setting


3. Current performance evaluation must be at least “met standards”


4. Must be available to work ten (10) consecutive weeks in the summer starting in June






1. Implement the academic enrichment program at the assigned site


2. Follow the daily academic learning plan


3. Coordinate with Academic Supervisor to assure a smooth transition between academic enrichment sessions and meal service


4. Assure that all required paperwork is completed daily and given to the Academic Supervisor


5. Normal work day will consist of a minimum of 3 hours


6. Attend all required training before the opening of the site


7. Attend all required staff meetings


8. Report weekly to the Academic Supervisor for assigned site


9. Comply with all guidelines set forth by Whole Again






1. $40 per day, 3 hours per day, up to 3 days per week (maximum of 8 weeks)


2. Work days includes training and testing/grading sessions



If interested, please call 513-731-1888 or email



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