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Stop the Attack on Union & Working Peoples' Right to Collectively Bargain - HCDP Executive Committee

Sisters & Brothers: Following our written request, HCDP Chair Tim Burke has scheduled a special meeting of the Hamilton County Democratic Party - Executive Committee on Thursday, February 4th (7PM- Letters Carriers' Union Hall - 4100 Colerain Ave, Cinc 45223) to discuss Ben Lindy, Ohio House 31st District Democratic candidate, his anti-union/anti-collective bargaining Law Journal paper, and what, if any, action should be taken against him regarding his continued access to/use of party resources (bulk mailing permit, voter database, emails/addresses, etc.) Non-Committee members may attend the meeting, but only Committee members will be allowed to speak.

Please come out, let your voices be heard, and show your support for the rights of Labor unions and working people to collectively bargain, and send a strong message to local Democratic leaders that OUR RIGHTS, deserve the

SAME RESPECT AND PROTECTIONS, as afford to the rights of other traditional Democratic constituencies (women, civil rights, minorities, immigrants, etc.)

Thank you for your support!

In Solidarity, U & I . . .

Pete - Cincinnati AFL-CIO


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