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"badging in and badging out" process for district-wide professional development

Thank you again for talking things through with me today on the "badging in and badging out" process for district-wide professional development in lieu of paper sign in sheets for paraprofessionals (and teachers) this year.

The district-wide PD runs between Aug. 13 and Aug 16, though paraprofessionals report on Aug. 14.

I confirmed with curriculum that PD days run from 8:30-3:30 and include an hour lunch.

The big message, which I'd greatly appreciate your relaying to your members tomorrow, is that on the days paraprofessionals been asked to report for district-wide professional development, they need to "badge in" and "badge out" -- even if they are not at their "home" building. This is how we will mark attendance.

Also, if you could please encourage paraprofessionals to register for the district-wide PD days using the link and course number below, that would be great. By registering, they can receive professional development course credit for attending--which is useful for their professional growth and in the case that any paraprofessionals might like to pursue a career in teaching one day.

Here is the link to login and register for the course: https://

And here is the course number: 12522.17477

Thank you, Emily! Please let me know if you need more information.

Oh, and as you and I discussed, we will have a back up plan (paper sign in) for those who have not yet received a district badge.


Sarah Brody

Director of Talent Development

Cincinnati Public Schools

513-363-0591 (o)

513-908-5655 (c)

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