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2021 Para Training Communication

Posted on November 1, 2021 at 6:35 PM


Who: All CPS Paraprofessionals


What: Paraprofessional Training in SafeSchools for the day before Thanksgiving


When: The training must be completed by Wednesday, November 24th


Where: The CPS Paraprofessional Training 2021 can be found at:




CPS Paraprofessionals have the opportunity to complete a training in SafeSchools as an alternative to reporting to buildings on Wednesday, November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving. Paras should complete this training outside of normal work hours.



It is the aim of the CPS Talent Department and the OPEPP district team to provide relevant training opportunities for paraprofessionals. Thanks to your feedback from the spring survey, we have compiled training modules in SafeSchools on topics that will continue to help you grow in your role.



In an effort to provide you with flexibility during this busy holiday season, we have granted you early access to complete this training anytime between now and Wednesday, November 24th. To access the training, please login to SafeSchools HERE.



This training has been uniquely designed specifically for Paraprofessionals. Content includes modules on:



Montessori Classrooms

Supporting Students with Disabilities

Using Presence, Proximity, and Prompting to Reduce Problem Behaviors

Intro to Schoology

Google Drive Basics

Cultural Competence and Racial Bias

Career Growth and Development

Helping with Instruction


This training is broken down into 23 Units, and is six hours long in total. This is a Self-Paced learning opportunity. This training was developed for Paraprofessionals in general, so some material may not directly relate to your specific school situation.


When the entire CPS Paraprofessional Training 2021 is complete in SafeSchools, LaunchED will pull a completion report to assist HR in assigning credit to each CPS employee and ensure that they are paid for working on November 24th.



To access the CPS Paraprofessional Training 2021 go to to login with your Employee ID#.



Once you are logged in, on the left hand side of your screen you’ll see a Home icon. Below that is a circular Play icon, which represents Extra Training. Click on the Play (Extra Training) icon.






Once you’re in the Extra Training section, you’ll see a search box on the top right, type Para into the search box. When you’re typing Para, you’ll see the CPS Paraprofessional Training 2021 link appear. Click on it to open the training.






You are now in the training. Click on the Custom Course arrow to access the list of modules.






You’ll now see the list of all the modules. Each time you complete a section module, a green box with a check mark will appear. When you’ve completed all the modules, it will read Course Complete, a green circle with a check mark will appear next to the Course title at top, and a certificate will become available as well.



At that point, you are done. LaunchED will pull all the completion certificates from SafeSchools and communicate to HR so that you are paid for working on November 24th.



For any questions on the training, or for SafeSchools support, contact LaunchED at 513-363-0406 or [email protected]



Thank you,



LaunchED Team



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